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Since the passing of your beloved "Dumbledore", I, Severus Snape, am your new Headmaster of Hogwarts. If I find that a student has any affiliation with Potter and his cronies, they will be punished IMMEDIATELY. Do I make myself clear? -S

Chase Joseph Amherst || 16 || Year 6 || Looks a lot like Dave Franco

-> Quote

If you can’t make them love you, make them hate you.

-> Bio

No one messes with the Amherst brothers and that is a fact. The devilish duo  were born into a very privileged pureblood family. It was no shocker that both of them were accepted to Hogwarts. Chase has since proven true to his namesake in being quite the “chase”. He finds fun in toying with other people and making new conquests every week. And by conquests, he means a hard to get girl the he somehow charmed enough to get into her pants. But over the years Chase has found his ultimate challenge to come in the form of Lex.

-> Personality

Charming, Obvious, Devious

-> Secret

Maybe I don’t like being just like my brother. Maybe that’s why I did it.

-> Connections

Tony Amherst (brother)

Alexis Holland (sex interest)


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