Will you join the fight?

What side are you on?™›

Since the passing of your beloved "Dumbledore", I, Severus Snape, am your new Headmaster of Hogwarts. If I find that a student has any affiliation with Potter and his cronies, they will be punished IMMEDIATELY. Do I make myself clear? -S

Seth Williams Demour || 16 || Year 6 || Looks a lot like Ash Stymest

-> Senior Quote

I’ve turned my room into the sickest fort!

-> Bio

Being pureblood doesn’t give you the rights to the world, which is something Seth Demour found out at a very young age. His mom and dad were well known fighters in the last wizarding war, but afterwards all that fight just… left. Not even Seth getting accepted into Hogwarts could bring them out of the depths of sadness he sees in their eyes. But even without the support of his family, he is determined to have a right good laugh and do whatever he sees is right. He’s tired of taking crap from people and seeing all the people he loves take crap from people. That attitude landed him friends with Jarret and Daniel and him taking a quiet crush on the sweet Olivia who seems so different from everyone else. Finding a home in Hogwarts, his reaction to the recent take over is quite… rebellious.

-> Personality

Brave, Hearty, Witty

-> Secret

Sometimes my dad likes to relive the glory days. I still have the bruises.

-> Connections

Olivia Willburg (crush)

Jarret Willburg (friend)

Daniel Haleway (friend)


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