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Since the passing of your beloved "Dumbledore", I, Severus Snape, am your new Headmaster of Hogwarts. If I find that a student has any affiliation with Potter and his cronies, they will be punished IMMEDIATELY. Do I make myself clear? -S

Jarret Alexander Willburg || 17 || Year 7 || Looks a lot like Alex Garskath

-> Senior Quote

If I have a son, there’s a good chance he’ll be named Dude Man Willburg. That is all.

-> Bio

Growing up in a muggle household Jarret was known to be quite the jokester among his large family. As the years progressed and his powers developed his “pranks” became more serious to the point where his family relations were strained. Finding out that he was a wizard was a major relief to all of them and helped bring him and his family closer together. At Hogwarts Jarret’s prankster ways continued, making him quite known throughout the castle. However, despite his very joking demeanor, he’ll go out of the way to listen to someone or make their day better. Especially is that person is his younger sister Olivia, who he’ll do anything for. He is a strong believer that being mean gets you no where.

-> Personality

Caring, Joking, Energetic

-> Secret

No matter what I do they won’t leave me alone. But that’s okay, I have some special connections to take the edge off.

-> Connections

Olivia Willburg (sister)

Daniel Haleway (best friend)

Seth Demour (friend) 

Winter Lovegood (crush)